Exploring the Reality of Our Mortality

7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death Online Program


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Whether you have days or decades to live, the best time to prepare is now.

Pragmatic and heart-centred end-of-life planning can light up your life and connect you with who and what matter most. Willow helps you transform an often fragmented and painful process into an opportunity for connection and ease.

With our programs, tools, and workshops you’ll discover the full scope of your options and make informed choices that reflect your values and priorities.

3 Ways to Explore the Reality of Your Mortality

Making Sense of Life & Death

Your mortality is an opportunity in disguise. Deepen your personal-discovery process and inspire all your planning with Willow’s free tools, newly published workbook and self-study and guided online programs.

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Legacy Love Letters & Heart Wills

No matter what, you have a legacy. Reflect on your life and write lasting messages to those you love with Willow’s free tools.

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Departure Directions

What matters in the end is what matters now. Articulate how you wish to be cared for after you die—based on your values, beliefs and priorities—with Willow’s free tools and empowering workshops.

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2 Ways to Learn About Willow & Heart-Centered EOL Planning

Before we created Willow, we each spent decades immersed in personal and community development work. We’ve been friends for over 20 years and we would often meet to talk about creative ways to affect positive, transformative change between, among and for people, communities and the planet.

What the “F” is doing in end-of-life planning and 3 steps to get unstuck

If you haven’t started or completed your end-of-life planning, it’s probably because you’re stuck. And to get unstuck, you need to do the foundational work first! One thing that sets Willow’s Reality of Our Mortality™ Planning Checklist, apart from many other lists is the focus on the “F” word: Foundation.

Willow Workshops for you in August and September

We’ve been getting many requests lately from readers like you about how to attend a Willow Workshop™. As you may already know, we created the Willow EOL Educator Program™ precisely so that people around the world can attend a variety of heart-centered, inquiry-based workshops that explore the reality or our mortality.

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