The Desire Map Planner: another tool to help you live and love fully

by , | Nov 10, 2020

It was 2014 when I welcomed Danielle LaPorte’s soothing voice to guide me in discovering my core desired feelings. I listened to her audiobook, The Desire Map: a Guide to Creating Goals with Soul and I’ve never looked back. No longer do I focus my energy identifying and working towards what I want to accomplish in life. Instead I think about what to do, so that I can feel the way I want to feel. 

Just like my end-of-life-planning documents, my core desired feelings keep me accountable to living a life that reflects my essence.

There are so many synchronicities between Willow’s pragmatic, heart-centred end-of-life planning and Danielle’s desire mapping. For example, in Willow’s 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death we guide you to choose the core values that guide your living, and to explore how they might also guide your end-of-life planning. Core Desired Feelings could be used in much the same way. This is why we’re telling you about the 2021 Desire Map Planner

Gratitude journal, meets calendar, meets your Higher Self.

As Danielle says on her website, “The Desire Map Day Planner is a gratitude journal, meets calendar, meets your Higher Self. Helps your heart centered visions get real—and gets you to your appointments on time.” 

My niece, Sammy has been using the planner for almost two years. Using the prompts for both reflection and planning, Sammy starts her week by looking back on the goals of the week that ended and adjusting them for the week to come. “This week”, she told me, “I want to focus more on giving and grounding, so I’ll set some goals with that in mind. On each page there are also words of encouragement. And I sometimes use those if I’m feeling stuck with my goals for the week. The main thing is that you’re creating space in your schedule—i.e. your life—for the activities that you know will bring you the feelings you want to feel. If you want to be more authentic, catch up with a friend, or if you want to feel more capable, you’ll plan an activity accordingly.” 

Cultivate Love

Last week Sammy wanted to be inspired by new core desired feelings. Fortunately, there’s an inspiring word or feeling on the tab of each page on the planner! So she chose “held” and “lit up” and for each of those she chose an intentional action. For “held” she bought herself some flowers, something she never would have done on a dark Sunday night had she not put it in writing. For “lit up” her action was to light incense and candles. “Because of my planner I’m following through with the things I need to do to make me feel the way I want to feel.”

“At the end of the day, this planner helps me to cultivate love in my life and in my relationships. I use the goal-setting tools and what’s available in my life right now to make my life more full.”

We’re excited to share this tool with you because we see it as an amazing compliment to heart-centred end-of-life planning. Follow this link and learn how this is so much more than a planner. You can even print out a free sample day or week to fill out and see if it’s for you.

Our core desired feelings:

Reena: Energetic, Healthy, At home, In love

Michelle: Connection, Beauty, Possibility  

PS: Disclosure: This post uses affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something from Danielle using our links, we’ll make a small commission (this will not increase the price of the item). It’s not enough to write home about but it’s a piece of the pie.  

What about you? 

What tools do you use to keep you accountable to your Higher Self?

“Unmask your mortality and you will unleash love.”
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