“I’ve never felt so connected to people in such a fast, safe way, as I did in the Love Letters + Heart Will circle. Michelle’s and Reena’s sharing, vulnerability, and authenticity gave us allowance and permission to do the same. 

It was ground-breaking, transformative, and essential reflections for the soul.”


Age 62

“The amazing thing about the Love Letters + Heart Will circle is that it caused me to think more about how I want to live my life now, and what I want to leave people with, and then be intentional about it.

I’m still here.  And if I want to change something, now would be the time.”


City Planner, Age 48

So many people shy away from the topic of death but I have found that this work (in the in-person circles) makes me live better. My entire life has been about obligation and people pleasing.

Now I don’t do anything in my life that I don’t want to do. That’s very new.”


Widow and Yoga Instructor, Age 47

“The Love Letters + Heart Will circle made me realize how there are many things about who I am that haven’t shared with my family. As a result of this work…

I’ve been openly sharing my life experiences and having deeper conversations with my sister and other family members.”


Business Consultant and Facilitator, Age 78

So many people my age are feeling like they’ve got to write their Will and do all these things, but they just put it off and put it off. What we’ve done in the Love Letters + Heart Will circle sets the emotional part in place and …

…doing the actual Will might be easier.”


Retired teacher and Master Facilitator for the Virtues Project, Age 67

“Participating in the Love Letters + Heart Will circle made me very aware that I do a lot of things in my life that don’t really work for me.  

The sessions deeply engaged me and motivated me to make some shifts – and I love that!”


Writer and Producer, Age 52

Departure Directions was a multi-layered experience full of revelations, tenderness, awe and humour, guided with skill and compassion by Michelle and Reena. It also gave me an appreciation for life, making me more aware of living in the present and cultivating gratitude for the profound beauty of the world around me.

I now have less fear of death and was able to over come a years-long block about writing my will.”


Educator, Age 64

“I had no idea I would be sitting with these new experiences and feelings at the end of the four Departure Directions sessions. I had projected a certain image of what would happen after I die, and this circle opened up a whole landslide of new possibilities.

I am actually getting excited about doing all of this stuff. That was pretty incredible.”

Jerry / Namgyle

Professional Speaker and Facilitator, Age 68

“I was confused, in denial and had a lot of anxiety about death.  In the Departure Directions circle, Reena and Michelle were able to bring out the best of what I am now and what I would like to be after I die. 

They dealt not only with our hearts but also the health of the planet. This touched me so deeply and is now part of my journey.”


Age 62

“I learned about green burial options through my conversations with Michelle and Reena and through them, I discovered that I can be buried—to my amazement—in the same grave as my father and grandfather, something deeply moving and meaningful to me. As a result, I decided not to be cremated as I had planned.  

I recommend their services very, very warmly.”


Retired Humanities Professor, Retired Anglican Priest, Age 76

“My mom was in denial about her sister’s imminent death. The information Michelle gave me helped me inform my family of the many options we had and motivated us to move my aunt from hospital to hospice.

Because of Michelle my mom got the support she needed to be more accepting of her sister’s death. Michelle made it all easier.”


Pharmacist, Age 41

“Sitting down with Reena to explore my feelings and values around my own death was extremely valuable. I hadn’t previously given much thought to what I wanted to happen to my body once I died. Reena was knowledgable and easy to talk with. She provided concrete information that helped me get clear with some important choices and quickly accessed answers when the details were not at her fingertips.

Without reservation, I recommend Reena for help with end of life planning.”


Writer, Age 51

“Within the same year of burying my two-year-old child, I had to birth a 16-week gestation baby who had died. My baby’s ashes sat in a drawer for years until Michelle’s encouragement and support enabled me to settle into this loss for the first time.

I don’t have words to express what this shift means to my healing.”


Teacher, Age 50

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