iris paradela, Mother and Event Organizer

"Seven Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death is a valuable, pragmatic and concrete tool to sustain my commitment to live my life with meaning and intention. The workbook is the perfect companion for self exploration or can be used as a starting point for heart-to-heart conversations with the people close to you. The workbook does not dictate what to think or do. Rather, through their reflective and thought-provoking questions, Michelle and Reena draw out our authentic and vulnerable selves and it left me more motivated to take the next step."

Mother and Event Organizer
Danielle Kershaw, University Career Educator

“Every question you need to ask, every thought you need to have, everything you need to do -- when it comes to thinking about and finding meaning in your life and death, Willow's 7 Tools workbook is the only place to go. Willow provides a clear, simple and beautiful way of entering and navigating the most complex of topics...combining practical planning savvy with a lot of heart."

University Career Educator
Colleen Kelly, Life Enthusiast

"This workbook addresses many areas that are essential for preparing for our deaths, so that we can better live our lives. It made it easy for me to contemplate my death, and therefore plan for what is most important in my life."

Life Enthusiast
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