Take a Moment To Listen (Plus an Invite + Holiday Hours)

by | Dec 13, 2021

If you’ve ever contemplated your own mortality, or accompanied others in doing so …

If you’ve ever yearned to squeeze the most out of your life or perhaps the most out of the remainder of this year … 

In these strange days of seasonal activities amid devastation and fear, when there is joy and generosity alongside sorrow, hardship and isolation, we invite you to create some quiet to listen. 


Listen to the stirring observations shared in this brief video by the late Canadian singer-songwriter and poet, Leonard Cohen, shortly before he died in 2016. The video (2.5 minutes) was released by the New Yorker in November of 2019. 

Listen to your own voice. 

  • What is the truth of your moment? 
  • How can you receive what is available? 
  • Where might you contribute to ease the way for another?

Spread the Love 

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Office Hours

Our virtual office will be closed from December 15 until January 4, 2022.  

From our hearts to yours, we hope you feel supported, now and always, no matter what.

All our love,

Michelle + Reena

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