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Your Heart Will: Reconciling Your Actions and Intentions

It’s been four years since I wrote my Heart Will, a lasting message for people I love and future generations. While I’ve been soul searching most of my life, the events of 2020, and in particular the much-needed spotlight on systemic racism, has accelerated my inquiry into high gear.


Back to Basics: Caring for Our Own

If your 90-year-old Aunt Bettina died tomorrow, there’s a pretty predictable pattern for what would happen next and how she’d be taken care of—unless, that is, you understand the scope of choices available to you, including, caring for your own.  There’s a good chance Aunt Bettina witnessed community deathcaring as a young girl, whether she…
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Sharing Our Spiritual Selves

In this wee Q+A, Reena and Michelle reflect on their personal spiritual traditions and share about the soul-food and spiritual gems that nourish and inspire them.

Something is Better than Nothing

If you’ve thought about writing lasting messages to people you love and for future generations but haven’t, maybe it’s because…


Slowing Down for the New Dawn of Spring

Are you ready to flower and flourish, or is it time to pause? Get some insights from John O’Donohue’s “For the Interim Time.”

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Engage Your Core in These Troubled Times

Have  you ever asked yourself why the 2016 US election campaign and other divisive xenophobic movements around the world are causing you such obsessive and personal angst? Well, besides the racism, increase of violence and hate crimes and the potential for global destruction (and the list goes on), consider that everything those disturbing movements stand…
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