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Mexico Retreat

During Willow’s six-day, reflection retreat you’ll learn about and get into action writing lasting messages for those you love and for future generations. Your time in Mexico will include a beautiful balance of facilitated workshops, personal writing time and curated, local, cultural activities, the highlight being a guided cemetery experience of the Day of the Dead.

The process will guide you to reflect on your life, consider the legacy you’ll leave behind and enrich, energize and connect you with who and what matter most.

  • 9 Things to Include in Your Departure Directions


    The nine headings will ensure that you consider all aspects of your after-death care, including sharing the news of your death, roles for your loved ones to make it meaningful for them,  expenses and logistics and more.

  • Reality of Our Mortality Planning Checklist


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  • How to Write Your Heart Will Guide


    This free guide helps you reflect on your life and create lasting messages for those you love. Writing your Heart Will is also a powerful-discovery process to support you to live and love fully. now.

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