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Diary of a Love Letter

Dear reader, Here’s a peek into Michelle’s recent process of writing an End of Life Love Letter to her mom.   March 30  ~ Victoria The day-long Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills workshop is wrapping up and it’s my turn to declare a “moving forward” action. I want my action to facilitate my yearning to…
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Your Past Informs Your Present

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your past informs your present. Previous experiences you’ve had with illness, dying, death, grief, and how someone was cared for after they died, have undoubtedly impacted you in some way, shape or form. Every aspect of a death has likely influenced your sense of what’s possible and what’s…
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Free Holistic Checklist + Workbook on Sale!

A few months ago I was at a social gathering and was talking to someone about Willow and end-of-life planning. As if he’d heard the answer many times before, he asked “So, you’re going to tell me that the first thing I need to do is write a will, right?” “Actually, no.” I said, “The…
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Introducing a Heart-Centred Approach to Planning

We love The Desire Map as a tool for end-of-life planning and it’s available for free until May 29th. The Desire Map is an approach that lets you choose how you want to feel in life and actually keep those feelings alive as you go.


Sharing Our Spiritual Selves

In this wee Q+A, Reena and Michelle reflect on their personal spiritual traditions and share about the soul-food and spiritual gems that nourish and inspire them.

Something is Better than Nothing

If you’ve thought about writing lasting messages to people you love and for future generations but haven’t, maybe it’s because…


Slowing Down for the New Dawn of Spring

Are you ready to flower and flourish, or is it time to pause? Get some insights from John O’Donohue’s “For the Interim Time.”

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Death + Sustainability: Healing our hearts and our planet

If you’re living your life mindful of how your daily activities impact our planet, then you’ll likely be concerned about the ecological impact you make after you die.

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Join us inside a Global Soul Movement

Lately I’ve been listening to video recordings from a conference that happened last year with Ram Dass and Friends, called No Death, No Fear. In a video called “The Soul Complex” and in previous talks and writing, Ram Dass explains that as we reduce our fear and denial of death, we begin to appreciate the…
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