“I’ve never felt so connected to people in such a fast, safe way, as I did in the Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills workshop. Michelle’s and Reena’s sharing, vulnerability, and authenticity gave us allowance and permission to do the same. It was ground-breaking, transformative, and essential reflections for the soul.”

—Helena Cynamon, Producer & Strategic/Impact Storyteller

“I had no idea I would be sitting with these new experiences and feelings at the end of the four Departure Directions sessions. I had projected a certain image of what would happen after I die, and this circle opened up a whole landslide of new possibilities. I am actually getting excited about doing all of this stuff. That was pretty incredible.”

—Jerry Ewen, Professional Speaker & Facilitator

“Departure Directions was a multi-layered experience full of revelations, tenderness, awe and humour, guided with skill and compassion by Michelle and Reena. It gave me an appreciation for life, making me more aware of living in the present and cultivating gratitude for the profound beauty of the world around me. I now have less fear of death and was able to overcome a years-long block about writing my will.“

— Anita Roberts, Educator, Author, Actor & Grandmother

“Participating in Willow workshops made me very aware that I do a lot of things in my life that don’t really work for me. The sessions deeply engaged me and motivated me to make some shifts – and I love that!”

— Marlene Rodgers, Writer & Producer



Tools & Products

“Full of powerful questions, this beautiful inquiry brought me deeper into my heart––which is where I want to live from … more in the present, and creating my future with sacred intention.“

— Danielle LaPorte, Creator, The Desire Map Program

“With simple and practical questions, 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death guided me to confront issues I had been reluctant to face before: Am I truly living my values? What are my feelings about death? What message will I leave to loved ones? The program challenged me to bravely consider the reality of my mortality and the reward is a feeling of joy, energy and growth.”

— Barry Fleming, Retired Business Manager

“You may be tempted to avoid the difficult, dense topic of death. That would be doing yourself a disservice. Willow has unlocked the vault on a traditionally difficult topic, giving us a gentle, insightful, holistic approach that you can tailor to your needs, wishes and culture.”

— Lee-Anne Ragan, International Learning & Development Expert, Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc.

“Willow has created a gentle, thoughtful and practical resources that is sure to inspire deep reflection and positive change.”

— Tracy Chalmers, End of Life Doula & Instructor, End of Life Doula Program, Douglas College