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Using whatever approach best fits your needs, WILLOW supports you (and your people) to take on end of life planning as a robust and meaningful expression of who you are.

We help you take care of the pragmatic planning pieces and spark your imagination through inspiration, information, and guidance. Whether you have days or decades to live, our work helps you get the most out of life right now.

Hire us for custom, experiential learning and support for your workplace, clients, community outreach, conferences or retreat events. If you can imagine it – an hour, a day, a weekend – we can make it work!

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“As repeat workshop leaders at our annual Community Forum, Reena and Michelle are completely relatable, down-to-earth, funny, clear and gentle. They give medicine of the heart to the whole person. With easy-to-use tools, Willow is carving out anther, better way of unmasking the face of death.”

—Tricia Keith, Coordinator, Volunteers and Outreach, Surrey Hospice Society


“Michelle and Reena are dynamic and knowledgeable speakers. You were an important part of our conference program, taking a very hard topic that many people do not want to discuss and making it a lively and energizing session.”

—Alex Nicholson, Registrar, Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies


“Your tools and approach helped the women in our group find ways to express thoughts and feelings in a safe and relaxed way, touching places of the heart that are sometimes difficult to access. Willow’s workshop provided participants with a sense of support, validation and common ground – all of which will have have a positive impact moving forward through the uncertainty of living with metastatic cancer.”

—Sydney Foran, Social Worker, Patient and Family Counselling Services


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