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Reality of Our Mortality Learning Circles

Sept 23, Oct 21, Nov 25
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Celebration Hall, Mountain View Cemetery, 5455 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC
FREE, compliments of Mountain View Cemetery

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Sept 23 ~ Dreams of the Dead: Exploring grief, memory and place ~ Register

Oct 21 ~ Community Deathcaring: How to build, nourish and heal communities ~ Register

These gatherings are a safe, open-hearted place to explore, in community, the reality of our shared mortality with a different focus each time. Thanks to the generous support of the City of Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery, these events are free to the public. All are welcome.

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Mexico Retreat including Day of the Dead

During Willow’s six-day, reflection retreat you’ll learn about and get into action writing lasting messages for those you love and for future generations. Your time in Mexico will include a beautiful balance of facilitated workshops, personal writing time and curated, local, cultural activities, the highlight being a guided cemetery experience of the Day of the Dead.

The process will guide you to reflect on your life, consider the legacy you’ll leave behind and enrich, energize and connect you with who and what matter most.

Departure Directions:

Death Education that informs, inspires and empowers
A Day-Long Workshop

Saturday, September 28, 2019
9:30am – 5:00pm
Celebration Hall, Mountain View Cemetery, 5455 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC
FREE, compliments of Mountain View Cemetery

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Informative and inspiring death education starts with personal reflection, including how you make sense of your finite life and your inevitable death. In a safe, creative and fun workshop you’ll identify your core values and explore your relationship with the reality of your mortality. You’ll dive into five core factors that influence your decision making for how you’ll be cared for after you die, including ecological + social impact. You will begin to craft your personal set of Departure Directions, WILLOW’S term for the written instructions or guidelines—determined by your values, beliefs and priorities.

Participants will engage dynamic self-discovery exercises that include personal reflection, journal writing, pair sharing and group discussion. Poetry, song and video / film are also used to enhance the learning experience.

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