Hire WILLOW to write your Departure Directions

Sadly, death can tear families apart because people who love each other don’t know how to talk about or plan ahead for their inevitable death.

Maybe you’ve experienced the overwhelm and frustration of arranging a goodbye ritual for someone who didn’t leave any directions. You’ve struggled with trying to honour what you think are their wishes and meet the needs of those left behind, including you. It can be confusing, frustrating, and result in conflict and anxiety.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Departure Directions are your written instructions or guidelines for how you wish to be cared for after you die.

Your wishes—which may or may not be influenced by your family, community or culture—will have practical and symbolic implications at the time of your death and over time.
Consider that every act of how you’re cared for after you die is an opportunity for meaningful ritual that can positively impact those you leave behind in profound and lasting ways.

WILLOW can help you understand your options and write your Departure Directions in a way that reflects your core values and priorities. We want your exit from life to reflect what matters most to you and the people you leave behind.

The process of working with WILLOW to craft your custom Departure Directions will vary from person to person but will generally involve an introductory call and three sessions.

Thirty-minute introductory call

In this initial session (by phone, video conferencing, or in person) we explain the process to you, learn where you’re at with respect to any related planning, and you can determine if this offer is for you. If we move forward we then invoice you for the price of this offer, and then send you some resources and tools to prepare for the first working session.

Working Session #1 (one hour)

During this interview session you identify your core values and explore your relationship with death. We address any questions you have about WILLOW’s five core factors that shape your choices around how you wish to be cared for after you die. These factors include your beliefs, culture, and ecological and social impact. We may identify some further resources to help you in your journey.

Session #2 (one hour)

We further explore the areas that are important to you and narrow down your desired options for goodbye rituals and ceremonies that align with your values and what will serve the people you leave behind. We answer your questions, provide referrals, and identify any required research. Once the research is complete, we’ll present you with a first draft of your Departure Directions.

Session #3 (one hour)

We discuss the draft and any potential changes or additions. After the session we complete one round of revisions before emailing you an electronic file with our final draft of your Departure Directions.

Throughout this process, we’re available via email to answer questions, cheer you on and support your commitment to getting the job done.

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We guarantee that this process will nurture your passion for life and enhance your awareness about who and what matter most to you. You’ll discover what you didn’t know that you didn’t know about expressing your essence now and at the very end of your life, whenever that might be.

If you’re ready in your heart to take charge of your life by taking charge of your death, book your free 30-min consultation and we’ll learn more about each other.

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If DIY is more your style, check out WILLOW’s DIY Tools to help you reflect on the reality of your mortality, enhance your self-awareness, and/or support you to write your own Departure Directions.

Michelle + Reena

With extensive training in deathcare—Michelle as a funeral director and hospice volunteer and Reena as a facilitator and all aspects of community deathcaring—we share a passion for using the conversation around death as a pathway to growth and healing for individuals, communities and the planet.

Our support integrates your emotions and your intellect, honours your body and your spirit, and is always mindful that your choices have economic and environmental implications.