Many possible circumstances may be nudging you to get some help with your planning and personal-development journey.

Perhaps you’re anticipating a death in the family, someone close to you may have died recently, or, it may be that you’ve witnessed first hand the impact of not taking the time to plan ahead.

You want to be as prepared as possible, and you want help articulating and applying your values, priorities and wishes for your health and personal care, your legacy and after-death care planning as well as how you’ll be remembered.

Hire us to write your Departure Directions

Departure Directions is WILLOW’S term for your written instructions or guidelines—determined by your values, beliefs and priorities—for how you wish to be cared for and remembered after you die.

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services-3-tealCustom Coaching

You might know exactly how you want us to help or you may feel fuzzy about next steps and want us to design a coaching plan of action. Either way is perfectly perfect. Investing in customized support is a direct path to fulfilling your end-of-life-planning goals.

Choose custom coaching and we’ll help you with any or all:

  • Get started and stay motivated to complete estate, legacy and health and personal care planning documents like wills, power of attorney and substitute decision-making forms
  • Dig deep and express your essence in all your choices
  • Explore your relationship with death
  • Connect with your most sacred values, experiences, and wisdom
  • Craft end of life love letters and/or a heart will to express the messages that will live on after you die
  • Talk openly with those you love about your death, your wishes and your fears
  • Identify and explore family and community led deathcare options
  • Determine how you want your body cared for after you die
  • Design your funeral and goodbye rituals
  • Acknowledge your legacy and consider how you want to be remembered
  • Budget for pre and after-death care expenses
  • Follow up with our referrals to other resources, professionals and support systems

Coaching support is delivered via video conferencing, telephone or in-person. Book a free 30-min consultation so we learn more about each other.

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