Making Sense of Life & Death

Create the Change that Matters

So much of our work is about helping people be aware—or conscious—of what really matters to them. Sometimes, what’s very important to people sits just below the surface, and sometimes it lies much deeper. But what’s clear is that a plethora of distractions prevent us from knowing what truly lights us up or from taking action on what makes us feel most alive.

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2 Ways to Learn About Willow & Heart-Centered EOL Planning

Before we created Willow, we each spent decades immersed in personal and community development work. We’ve been friends for over 20 years and we would often meet to talk about creative ways to affect positive, transformative change between, among and for people, communities and the planet.

Willow Events

What the “F” is doing in end-of-life planning and 3 steps to get unstuck

If you haven’t started or completed your end-of-life planning, it’s probably because you’re stuck. And to get unstuck, you need to do the foundational work first! One thing that sets Willow’s Reality of Our Mortality™ Planning Checklist, apart from many other lists is the focus on the “F” word: Foundation.

Willow Workshops for you in August and September

Willow Workshops for you in August and September

We’ve been getting many requests lately from readers like you about how to attend a Willow Workshop™. As you may already know, we created the Willow EOL Educator Program™ precisely so that people around the world can attend a variety of heart-centered, inquiry-based workshops that explore the reality or our mortality.

The Duel Between Death Acceptance and Death Denial

There was a time when I thought that death acceptance was the opposite of death denial. I also thought that there were two signs of death denial: fear of death and dying, and strong attachments to life and living. My thinking was that if I didn’t have fear and anxiety about death, and I could sever my strong attachments in life, I would live peacefully with the full acceptance of death.

What does Your Purpose have to do with Your Mortality?

It was five and a half years ago today that I began a ten-week exploration into big questions around death, dying and community reclamation of deathcare.

Meet Ngaio Davis: A Responsive Funeral Director with a Micro Business

Ngaio Davis, a licensed funeral director and embalmer for the last 17 years, considers herself more of a deathcare worker and support giver. As the founder of KORU, a micro-funeral business, she offers funeral-related or death-care services in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Mourning the Living

The ache that permeates my body is not that of being an adult orphan. I still have the blessing of holding a warm hand and sharing a smile with each of my folks. My biological parents, both in their 80s, are here on earth and we live in the same city. I see Mom, with Dad, every Wednesday and I also see Dad every weekend. I also talk to him—many times a day—depending on what’s up.

What is an End-of-Life Doula or a Death Doula?

When people ask Valoria Walker what an end-of-life doula is, she finds it easiest to explain it this way: “A doula is a woman supporting other women labouring and giving birth. An end-of-life doula is at the opposite end. I support aging adults who are near or at the end of life.”