Making Sense of Life and Death

How Ram Dass Inspired Me to Co-Create Willow

Dear Reader, Ram Dass (Of Blessed Memory), an American spiritual teacher, psychologist, author and one of my sources of inspiration, died on December 22nd, 2019. His teachings inspired me to co-create Willow. During my 2016 training in community deathcaring, I listened to a Ram Dass lecture on YouTube (Facing Death, Ram Dass Full Lecture 1992)….
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5 FREE Tools to Help You Connect Inward and Outward

Consciously or unconsciously, we live our lives according to particular values. Knowing your core values is one thing, living them or embodying them is another. As I move through this dance called life, I’m coming to understand and accept that how we express our core values can evolve.

Perspective is Knowing Life is Precarious and Precious

Dear reader, This past week I was a victim of fraud and it cost Willow a chunk of money. For several days I couldn’t shake how stupid and violated I felt. I had a sick feeling in my gut and lost my appetite for both food and work.  At the same time, there was a…
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Self Indulgence, Action, Attention, and 2-for-1 Workbooks

Dear reader,  How much value is there really in the act of self reflection? Aren’t we humans being overly self indulgent if we’re continuously noticing how we’re impacted by whatever it is we’re up to?  These thoughtful questions were posed to us recently by a workshop participant.   If we’re talking about self reflection in isolation,…
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Grief in the Shadow

Dear reader, I was sitting at the wobbly picnic table at my campsite on beautiful Vancouver Island, at a family French camp we’ve attended for many years. My now teenage daughter is on an overnight trip, leaving me with lots of time on my hands. Instead of the excitement of anticipated “me time”, I feel…
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Your Past Informs Your Present

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your past informs your present. Previous experiences you’ve had with illness, dying, death, grief, and how someone was cared for after they died, have undoubtedly impacted you in some way, shape or form. Every aspect of a death has likely influenced your sense of what’s possible and what’s…
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Free Holistic Checklist + Workbook on Sale!

A few months ago I was at a social gathering and was talking to someone about Willow and end-of-life planning. As if he’d heard the answer many times before, he asked “So, you’re going to tell me that the first thing I need to do is write a will, right?” “Actually, no.” I said, “The…
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Join us inside a Global Soul Movement

Lately I’ve been listening to video recordings from a conference that happened last year with Ram Dass and Friends, called No Death, No Fear. In a video called “The Soul Complex” and in previous talks and writing, Ram Dass explains that as we reduce our fear and denial of death, we begin to appreciate the…
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Mary Oliver, Mortality and Meaning Making

Mary Oliver’s words speak to my yearning to make this life—my life—matter. My desire to live a life with meaning calls me to reflect, to contemplate and to get clear about who and what matter. The thing is, and maybe you relate here, I find it very hard to create time and space for this type of discernment. Believe it or not, planning for my inevitable death, helps create that time and space.