Making Sense of Life and Death

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Consciously or unconsciously, we live our lives according to particular values. Knowing your core values is one thing, living them or embodying them is another. As I move through this dance called life, I’m coming to understand and accept that how we express our core values can evolve.

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Making Sense of Life & Death
Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills
Departure Directions

5 Calls to Action for Living Your Best Life + NEW FREE DOWNLOAD

For everything that comes to an end there is a legacy. And Willow’s Legacy, Love Letters and Heart Wills Mexico Retreat is no exception. When we recall the many profound observations and revelations shared among our group of 14, we came up with what we consider this collective Manifesto for Living.  Click here to download…
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Three Ways to Make this Halloween More Meaningful

Dear reader, Depending where you live, you may be surrounded by plastic skeletons, scary-looking ghosts, and perhaps some creatively-carved pumpkins. If you live in the US or Canada and various other countries, you’ll be tempted to gloss over the once-holy day with mini Kit Kats and costume parties. But if that’s all you’re doing, you’re…
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Doing away with default decisions: the power of community deathcaring + FREE DOWNLOAD

Dear reader,  If your 90-year-old Aunt Bettina died tomorrow, there’s a pretty predictable pattern for what would happen  next and how she’d be taken care of—unless, that is, you understand the scope of choices available to you, including, caring for your own.  There’s a good chance Aunt Betttina witnessed community deathcaring as a young girl,…
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Perspective is Knowing Life is Precarious and Precious

Dear reader, This past week I was a victim of fraud and it cost Willow a chunk of money. For several days I couldn’t shake how stupid and violated I felt. I had a sick feeling in my gut and lost my appetite for both food and work.  At the same time, there was a…
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Self Indulgence, Action, Attention, and 2-for-1 Workbooks

Dear reader,  How much value is there really in the act of self reflection? Aren’t we humans being overly self indulgent if we’re continuously noticing how we’re impacted by whatever it is we’re up to?  These thoughtful questions were posed to us recently by a workshop participant.   If we’re talking about self reflection in isolation,…
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Grief in the Shadow

Dear reader, I was sitting at the wobbly picnic table at my campsite on beautiful Vancouver Island, at a family French camp we’ve attended for many years. My now teenage daughter is on an overnight trip, leaving me with lots of time on my hands. Instead of the excitement of anticipated “me time”, I feel…
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The Paradox of Legacy: Hint, Stop Trying!

Dear reader, Ever since I was little, I’ve been thinking about my legacy. I fantasized about being remembered and acknowledged for doing great things for the world. I projected to the future and wondered what people would remember about me and what difference I will have made for others. In some ways this question has…
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New FREE TOOL and the Magic Combo of Self Awareness + Structure

Dear reader, “Ah-ha, that’s it!” I said to myself this morning, in the sleepy state of barely awake after my early-morning alarm. After struggling to figure out when in the day would work to visit my elder parents, I felt a surge of clarity and happiness. I have two deadlines to meet, a daughter on…
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