Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills

Diary of a Love Letter

It’s early morning and I promise myself I’m going to at least start writing my mom’s love letter. I stand at my desk, open a new file and pull up Willow’s Five-Minute Love Letter exercise. I’m a ‘get-it-done’ writer. I do not create sacred space, brew a cuppa and light a candle. I set a timer on my phone. Quiet tears roll down my face as I awaken my regret that I didn’t express my love more fully to my mom before her cognitive ability was stolen by disease. She lives with very advanced dementia and was officially diagnosed as palliative many moons ago…

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Making Sense of Life & Death

Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills

Departure Directions

Giving the Love You Want

Sandra wrote her sister an, “I love and cherish you and want to be sure you know this in case one of us dies suddenly” kind of letter. The results were unexpected and left Sandra realizing she could give her love freely and generously to her sister—and anyone, really— and that giving love generously, without expecting anything in return, feels great.

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