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In our last blog post we outlined the many ways we hope to be useful to you (and the world) as we navigate this new reality. You can find all our tools and learning opportunities on our website. Today we want to explain why we think these tools can help you anchor, ground, and stand strong. We’ll also tell you about two free opportunities to connect with us live.

Learning from the trees

Along with all the physical preparations and precautions, such as washing your hands, sanitizing your environment, and stocking your pantry, we want to help you prepare yourselves inwardly. Peter Russell, an author and teacher focusing on consciousness and contemporary spirituality, recently wrote, “Trees provide a good lesson. If a tree is to withstand a storm it must be flexible, able to bend with the winds. And it must have strong roots and be stably anchored in the ground.” 

There’s a lot of talk out there about having a grounding or calming practice to soothe our fears and anxiety. If you already have a practice, you may have ramped it up. Perhaps you’re doing more journaling, singing, meditation or yoga. 

We also urge you to consider—whether or not you already have a practice—that contemplating the reality of your mortality will make you far less wobbly. Now more than ever we need to feel rooted. Do what you need to do to feel rooted. 

Beginning March 30, 2020, there are several Willow opportunities to gather together virtually in real time as a community. Please join us for one or both of the FREE live opportunities below.

Reality of Our Mortality Learning Circles go virtual

Join us Monday, March 30 for a virtual, community meeting to share tools, activities, and resources that ground you. Together we’ll explore what’s helping and making a difference.

Choose one of four FREE online events with Reena and Michelle

Offered at various times to facilitate a global coming together, these events will focus on how making sense of life and death will support you right now and lay the groundwork for all your end-of-life planning. Join us on the time and date that works best for you.

We can’t wait to connect with you.

With love and light,

Reena + Michelle

What about you?
What helps you feel rooted when the world is untethered?

Willow’s Reality of Our Mortality Learning Circles go virtual. The whole world is invited.
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Choose one of four free online events with Reena and Michelle and learn how to anchor, ground, and stay strong.
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Consider—whether or not you already have a practice—that contemplating the reality of your mortality will anchor, ground you, and help you stand strong.
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  • RITUAL is a big one for me right now…keeping certain activities and the time that I do them sacred

    Creating SPACE that’s free from the influx of information. I’m trying to find the right balance of being in the ‘know’ versus getting overwhelmed

    GARDENING is where I can be busy with nature and allow it to free my mind

    Giving THANKS to my body and all that it does through physical movement

    I PRAY though I don’t identify with a particular religion per say but it makes me feel less out of control

    • Thank so very much Christie. I feel more grounded just reading about what you’re doing. I’m being serious. You’ve inspired me to be more intentional in many ways.

  • I have found that paying attention to my breath (noting ‘in’ and ‘out’ as they happen) as much as possible in daily life (when the services of the mind are not needed) has helped to turn off my mental chatter. It opens me to sounds, sights. sensations and the rest of life, things that are hidden when the wandering mind is active.
    Be patient when the mind wanders, bring it back with kindness.
    Try it out when you are out for a walk. Not recommended for when you are driving.
    best to all,

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