Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills

Discover who and what really matter to you & make the most of your precious and finite life.

“Love Letters + Heart Wills was ground-breaking, transformative and essential reflection for the soul.”   — HELENA CYNAMON


Death: We are all going to experience it, whether it’s a sudden and unexpected death, or the eventually anticipated variety. It’s that one thing that we’re all sure about. It’s going to happen to you, and it probably already happened to someone you love. Yet most of us are unprepared.

Many of us die with regret, fear, or anxiety because of what we didn’t do, or didn’t say to people left behind. And sadly, death can tear families apart because people who love each other don’t know how to talk about how they’re feeling or what’s going to happen to them.

Death is the one certainty in life, yet we live our lives doing our best not to talk about it.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe that imagining the end of your life will inspire you to live fully now. Imagine being at peace – within yourself, with your family, with your friends and within your community – knowing that you’ve expressed and recorded your most important life learnings and written letters to those you love.

WILLOW is committed to helping you consciously contemplate your inevitable death, and to be as prepared as you can, no matter when it happens. The main point, however, is to live fully now! In other words, we want you to wake up before your time’s up.

No matter what kind of life we live, how much money we have, or what we think of our accomplishments, consider that each of us has a legacy. From our perspective, a legacy is anything handed down from the past including the impact we’ve made on people and the world, that continues to exist after the person or people stop working on that thing, or after they die.  

Writing a Heart Will and Love Letters is one way your memory and legacy will live on—by the mere act of those people reading them, and possibly passing them onto future generations.

Consider that the discoveries you’ll make about yourself and your life through this exploration may actually lead you to leave your greatest legacy.

It’s our experience that through this self-reflective process you’re very likely to be inspired to make shifts in the way you live, and take actions now that will expand or enhance the impact you’ll have on your relationships, your surroundings, or the world at large —before and after you die.

Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills is an opportunity to enrich, energize and connect!

We’d love to journey with you. 

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Work with WILLOW to produce your own workshop

Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills is a thoughtful and dynamic, group inquiry process that will inspire you to live fully now! With support, ease and great company, you’ll reflect on your life and your legacy and create lasting messages for those you love and for future generations. Depending how deep you want to go and how much you want to cover, WILLOW facilitators can adapt material to various formats including one-to-two-hour, stand-alone sessions, day-long or weekend-long workshops, or a set of up to six weekly gatherings.  

Heart Wills

  • Uncover the scope of your feelings about your inevitable death.
  • Reflect on your life and how you want to be remembered.
  • Learn how to write a Heart Will to capture your wisdom, wishes, and messages to share at or before your death.

Love Letters

  • Discover who + what matter most to you.
  • Consider seeking, bestowing, and accepting forgiveness.
  • Write at least one Love Letter to a specific person to read before or at the time of your death.

Spark your imagination

You’ll get the support and accountability organized by knowledgeable people you respect and trust. If you value having a dedicated time and place to learn while connecting with other open-minded creative souls on this path of discovery, you’ll love this unique shared experience.

We guarantee that your time with us will nurture your passion for life and enhance your awareness about what matters most to you. You’ll discover what you didn’t know you didn’t know about expressing your essence until the very end of your life.

Contact us to discuss that format that is best for you and your friends, or you and your colleagues, staff and volunteers.

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Michelle + Reena

With practical training in deathcare—Michelle as a funeral director and hospice volunteer and Reena in communication and all aspects of community-based deathcaring—we share a passion for using the conversation around death as a pathway to growth and healing for individuals, communities and the planet.

Our support integrates your emotions and your intellect, honours your body and your spirit, and is always mindful that your choices have economic and environmental implications.

Get the guide: write your Heart Will

A deeply transformative and powerful tool to help you reflect on your life, and create lasting messages for those you love.