Departure Directions

Discover what really matters to you & get your end of life planning in order with ease, inspiration and great company!


Death: You are going to experience it, whether it’s a sudden and unexpected death, or the eventually, anticipated variety. It’s that one thing that you can be sure about. It’s going to happen to you, and it probably already happened to someone you love. Yet most of us are unprepared.

Many of us die with regret, fear, or anxiety because of what we didn’t do, or didn’t say to people left behind. And you’ve probably already been on the other side of death, experiencing the overwhelm and frustration of arranging the funeral of someone who didn’t leave clear directions. You’ve struggled with trying to both honour what you think are their wishes and meet the needs of those left behind and mourning, including you.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Perhaps you’re nervous about what will happen to you if you don’t articulate your wishes for how you’re cared for after you die. Maybe you draw a blank when you try to imagine what good-bye rituals and ceremonies would be meaningful for you and those living with your loss. Or, you wonder about the value of any type of funeral at all, especially when you consider the gatherings you’ve attended – if there even was such an event. How you care for, honour, mourn and celebrate your dead is unique to you. The fact that you yearn to do so, is not.

Will your family and friends default to empty, culturally-prescribed funeral practices?

Not because they think this is what you would want, or they don’t care enough to plan something special, but because it’s just what seems to happen when people are overwhelmed with sorrow and pain, and important but difficult conversations have not been had. Sadly, death can tear families apart because people who love each other don’t know how to talk about how they’re feeling or what’s going to happen to them.

Death is the one certainty in life, yet we live our lives doing our best not to talk about it.

Change is afoot.

Your intuition is bang on if you think there’s got to be a better way to do ‘all this.’ Your values of mindfulness, conscious consumption and meaningful connections have a role to play in your dying days and after you die. People across our lands are seeking options to reclaim family and community-led care for their dead and to lighten the environmental footprint of death on our planet. Green burial, the practice of death midwifery, and celebrant services are all part of this change.

Departure Directions is engaging workshops series that will help you discern how these changes can support you and ensure your essence is reflected in all the choices associated with death and how you’re remembered.

We believe that imagining the end of your life will inspire you to live fully now.

Imagine being at peace – within yourself, with your family, with your friends and within your community – knowing that you’re fully informed and you’ve expressed and recorded your choices to apply your green and holistic values to:

  • how you will be cared for after you die,
  • your good-bye rituals and ceremonies, and
  • how you wish to be laid to rest.

Picture integrating your values into what will be your ultimate transformation. By contemplating your mortality now, your dying will reflect your living and your essence will be expressed.

How it Works

Over a series of weekly sessions we facilitate intimate workshops.

With support, ease and great company, inside a thoughtful and dynamic group process, you will:

  • Explore your relationship with death and connect with your most sacred values.
  • Uncover the scope of your feelings about your inevitable death.
  • Discover the many choices you have regarding how you are cared for after you die and the impacts on the planet.
  • Identify good-bye rituals and ceremonies that align with your values and your sense of what your loved ones will need.

The end result will be a personally-crafted set of Departure Directions that outlines how you wish to be laid to rest and how you want to be remembered.

Between sessions you can expect email support and to spend one – two hours on personal reflection and writing.

Dates & Details

Dates, pricing and location of circles in British Columbia and New Brunswick and possibly other locations will be announced as scheduled.

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Spark your imagination

We guarantee that your time with us will nurture your passion for life and enhance your awareness about what matters most to you. You’ll discover what you didn’t know you didn’t know about expressing your essence now and at the very end of your life, whenever that might be. Remember, you don’t know when you’re going to die.

You’ll get the support and accountability of a peer group organized by knowledgeable leaders you respect and trust. If you value having a dedicated time and place to learn while connecting with other open-minded creative souls on this path of discovery, you’ll love this unique shared experience.

If you’re ready in your heart to take charge of your life by taking charge of your death, sign up for our list so you’ll be in the know about our next offerings.


Michelle + Reena

With extensive training in deathcare—Michelle as a funeral director and hospice volunteer and Reena in all aspects of death midwifery—we share a passion for using the conversation around death as a pathway to growth and healing for individuals, communities and the planet.

Our support integrates your emotions and your intellect, honours your body and your spirit, and is always mindful that your choices have economic and environmental implications.

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