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How to live until you die

Did you know that passing on messages to guide future generations is at least as old as the Old Testament? Jacob, one of the Torah’s patriarchs orally passed on values to his sons, reflected on some of their actions and/or traits, and made some predictions about their...

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Imagine your death and enrich your life. Promise.

You know that you exist, and that some day you will die.  This knowledge of your mortality can either be a terrible burden or a great opportunity to transform your life. The good news is that you get to choose! Consciously contemplating your death and mortality facilitates personal development and compassion and helps you become more self aware and in control over the choices you make in your life.

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Your mortality is an opportunity in disguise

Earlier this year, we both spent time actively being with the fact that we are going to die and we don’t know when; could be tomorrow, could be next week or 37 years from now. It changed our lives. We each wrote a Heart Will to be read at our end-of-life rituals, and Love Letters to our respective school-aged daughters to have when we die. The impact on us continues to be profound.

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